2017 CVS Makeup Haul (so far)

It is well known that makeup can be some of the more expensive products to purchase and is usually only bought in small quantities over an extended period of time. Even brands that are considered “discount” or “low-end” can still cost the average consumer quite a large annual sum. From $12-$15 mascaras to $8-$10 lipsticks, Americans are spending roughly $8 billion dollars annually on their beauty products. While that may be great numbers for the cosmetic industry, it certainly does not sound good to the average shopper who is trying to stay within a strict budget. Thus, the “beauty” of couponing for beauty products!

A great example of this is my makeup haul since the beginning of this year. I wanted to see if I really was getting the best value for my dollar with cosmetic coupons, so I tracked my spending since January 1. What I discovered was actually pretty surprising and encouraging. I now have a collection of 57 beauty products and barely spent more than $1.18 per product! Adding in my CVS Beauty Bucks and CVS Extra Care Bucks, you could even say I was paid to bring home my haul!

Here is the complete breakdown of my spending/saving, and pictures of my products.

  • Retail – $305.93
  • Saved – $235.61
  • Oop – $67.52 (plus $11.71 in tax, differs by area)
  • Ecbs – $61
  • BB – $30
  • Thanks to the money I got back in ecbs and bbs, it’s like CVS paid me $23.48 for all this makeup!


Cosmetic couponing can be done by anyone and is really easy to accomplish once you’ve done a few trips. Keep following my blog for the best deals and have your coupons ready for some amazing savings this year! There is definitely nothing like feeling extra pretty while also knowing you are saving some major money. Happy couponing!

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